Nicholas D’Orazio

2017 Spencer Scholar
St. Joseph’s University

Four years ago I didn’t know the insurance industry existed, but I had a passion for mathematics. During my freshman year, my Intro to Finance professor encouraged me to study insurance and risk management. Past Spencer Scholars got me involved in Spencer. I attended my first RIMS conference and was hooked. I was determined to be a Spencer Scholar and participate in the Spencer/RIMS Risk Management Challenge. In my senior year, I was leader of the St. Joseph’s challenge team. Our team was from diverse career paths. We placed analytics at our core, and we won.

The scholarship I received from Spencer has truly relieved the financial burden of attending college and allowed me to afford study materials for my actuarial exams. Being a Spencer Scholar also exposed me to some of the top professionals in the industry. It’s given me confidence that I have the ability to not just be an actuary, but to be a leader in this industry.