Jayde Lim

2017 Spencer Scholar
Temple University

I am very far from home. I’m from Mauritius. It takes me two days to get home. I’m very proud and happy to stand before you today. My parents are both insurance agents in Mauritious. When I was a child I remember watching my dad input information into a computer program and then had the rates calculate. I wondered how the computer did that. I’ve always been interested in numbers and statistics. As I grew older, I realized I wanted to be an actuary.

Receiving the Spencer scholarship was a great relief. It’s allowed me to focus on my academics and pre-professional development. I was able to cut down my hours with my tutoring job, and take a position as an officer with our Gamma Iota Sigma chapter. I’m forever grateful to all the donors for making this scholarship possible.

James Pappas

2017 Spencer Scholar
St. John’s University

Entering senior year of high school I was extremely unsure of what college to attend. I felt I’d never find my purpose. One night while talking with my mom, she told a story about my grandma that made me realize how insurance helps during hard times. It was then that I decided that I wanted to be part of an industry that made a difference. I started to look at schools that offered risk and insurance programs and found St. John’s University.

I am now confident, optimistic, and energized about my future. I know I’m entering a good industry. Spencer has relieved financial burden of college expenses and allowed me to focus on academics and professional growth. I have learned so much through my internship experiences at XL Catlin, and am excited for my career as an underwriter. As I move forward, I have a plan, and thanks to Spencer, I am prepared to meet the challenges.

Nicholas D’Orazio

2017 Spencer Scholar
St. Joseph’s University

Four years ago I didn’t know the insurance industry existed, but I had a passion for mathematics. During my freshman year, my Intro to Finance professor encouraged me to study insurance and risk management. Past Spencer Scholars got me involved in Spencer. I attended my first RIMS conference and was hooked. I was determined to be a Spencer Scholar and participate in the Spencer/RIMS Risk Management Challenge. In my senior year, I was leader of the St. Joseph’s challenge team. Our team was from diverse career paths. We placed analytics at our core, and we won.

The scholarship I received from Spencer has truly relieved the financial burden of attending college and allowed me to afford study materials for my actuarial exams. Being a Spencer Scholar also exposed me to some of the top professionals in the industry. It’s given me confidence that I have the ability to not just be an actuary, but to be a leader in this industry.