Spencer Scholar Profile: Ryan Mroz – Applying experience to education


Studying risk management and finance at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, Ryan Mroz is a passionate student aiming to become an industry leader to help more students. Before studying risk management, Ryan worked in the casino industry, where he gained plenty of experience and insights about risks in our daily life. Here is our Q&A with him:

What are you doing this summer?
I am interning with the NAPSLO partnering company, Sompo International in Alpharetta, Georgia, and Bass Underwriters in Plantation, Florida. It is a unique program for students interested in the E&S sector of the industry to experience both the carrier side as well as the broker side of the business.

What is your favorite activity (extracurricular/volunteer/work) to do outside of class, and why?
My favorite activity outside of class is our student mentorship program though the Sigma Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma. It partners up an undergraduate student with an upper-class mentor so that aspiring risk management students can be helped both academically and professionally throughout their studies at Temple. It has been gratifying to see my mentee, Angel, grow tremendously both academically and professionally this year with my help.

In your opinion, why is risk management important to society?
Adrian J. Slowotzky said in his book, The Upside, that “Unmanaged risk is the greatest source of waste in your business and in our economy as a whole. The consequences of not being prepared for risk can have a damaging effect on our economy, our companies, our employees and the communities in which we operate.” Risk Management allows organizations to uncover their risks, prioritize and allocate resources to those risks that underpin the continued viability of the organization, and finally, build organizational preparedness, resiliency, and sustainability.

What do you wish to accomplish in your career path?
In the short term, I want to complete my CPCU designation and RPLU designation, which will prepare me to take on expanded roles and responsibilities in the future. In the longer term, I would like to become an expert in my area and become a mentor to help others grow in the industry.

What does it mean to be a Spencer Scholar?
Being a Spencer Scholar has allowed me to spend time on further developing myself personally, academically and professionally instead of working to pay off my tuition. More importantly, being a Spencer Scholar gives me the invaluable networking and professional development opportunities. It is very heartening to know that the industry professionals have a vested interest in my success, and I want them to know that I am doing everything I can to be an asset to the risk management and insurance industry and a good representative of the investment they have made in me.

Share something unique about yourself (fun fact/talent/skill/accomplishment).
I played competitive ice hockey at a high level until I was 19, and was teammates with two then-future NHL players on my high school hockey team.