Spencer helps develop awareness about careers in risk management and insurance by funding the
Risk Manager in Residence and curriculum development programs and other experiential learning opportunities.

Risk Manager in Residence – Industry professionals can share their knowledge and experiences
through this program helping to inform thousands of students about the opportunities in the
risk management and insurance industries.

Spencer/RIMS Risk Management Challenge
Spencer helps fund this challenge that allows
students to work in teams and put their knowledge to the test on a complex real world risk
management problem

Anita Beneditti Student Involvement Program
Spencer helps fund the attendance of
students to the RIMS Annual Conference.

Gamma Iota Sigma
Spencer sponsors and attends their Annual Conference to support the
new industry talent. and in 2019 awarded a grant to develop and create an “Opportunity Knocks” Campaign to introduce Risk Management and Insurance as a viable career opportunity.

RIMS ERM Conference, RIMS Cyber Conference
Spencer funds student attendance at both of these conferences