Risk Manager in Residence

“The RMIR program greatly benefited our students in the following ways: 
  • First, it helps to raise the awareness of risk management and risk manager as a career. The number of students involved in the program is not just one or two classes. There were multi-classes involved in three days.

  • Second, the risk managers are high quality speakers who are not only knowledgeable, with rich experience but also very passionate for this profession. Their speech is inspiring and the cases they used are fascinating.

  • Third, all the speakers we had demonstrated high social responsibilities. They share their own experience with personal advice and give students opportunity to talk to them personally. Some of them share their vision on the community and society with students even allows students to contact them in the future.”

                                                                                                                                                                 - Dr. Weili Lu, California State University at Fullerton

Now in its 17th year, the program has been praised by both risk managers and universities as a rewarding educational experience and a chance to give back to the profession. The Foundation awards grants of up to $3,500 to college and universities to cover transportation, housing and incidental costs for a lecturing risk manager.

For Universities Submitting Grant Proposals for the RMIR Program:

The Foundation awards grants of up to $3,500 to college and universities to cover transportation, housing and incidental costs for a lecturing risk manager. The Foundation has set the following criteria for participating schools in the “Risk Manager in Residence” Program:
  • The attending risk manager must be selected from the Foundation's pool of risk managers. A listing will be supplied to the university if they are selected by the RMIR committee to receive a grant.
  • Participating faculty must be willing to prepare and coordinate an itinerary with the attending risk manager (i.e. transportation, lodging, preparing a presentation schedule).
  • At least three presentations to students should be scheduled.
  • Follow-up and final reports sent to the Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc. should include a concise but descriptive detail of the risk manager’s visit and the benefits derived including a full accounting report of expenses incurred. Final reports should be sent to the Foundation immediately following the lecture program.
  • Willingness to involve finance faculty and students.
  • Lecturing risk manager must be compensated for his/her travel, housing expenses within 30 business days.


The Foundation’s “Risk Manager in Residence” (RMIR) Committee screens all participating risk managers to ensure that they meet the criteria to lecture at universities.  Grants of up to $3,500 will be awarded to universities to compensate the risk manager's travel and housing costs along with any materials or promotion the university may need to conduct this program. 

Universities and Colleges: To download a grant application, please click here. 

Risk Managers Wanted:

The Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc. is seeking risk managers to give presentations and lectures for its "Risk Manager In Residence" program. The prospective risk manager must be a member of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) and must have: at least 10 years minimum risk management experience; good communication skills; classroom experience; ideally CPCU or ARM teaching experience and able to spend two to three days on a college or university campus.

If you wish to be considered for this program please fill out the attached SIS application with your resume or bio and send it to: asabatino@spencered.org or mail it to the Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc.; Risk Manager In Residence Program; 1065 Ave. of the Americas, 13th Floor; New York, NY 10018.

RMIR Frequently Asked Questions: click