Proposal Guidelines

Company Eligibility Requirements
If you are interested in participating in this exciting and rewarding program please submit a two or three page proposal outlining:

  • Who the employer will be and the nature of its business.  Employers must be active members of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS). 
  • The name of the intern or what university you will approach for a suitable intern.  If you are selected to receive an internship grant, you must secure a commitment from an intern within 60 days after you receive your grant acceptance letter. 
  • What meaningful projects or responsibilities will the intern work on and
  • The duration of the internship must be eight (8) weeks or more.

Download our 2014 Internship Application and send your proposal to  at The Spencer Educational Foundation, Inc. 

Deadline for submission of applications is February 15, 2014 

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must have a current cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher from an accredited college or university
  • Studies must in Risk Management, Business Administration, Finance, Actuarial or related fields of study.
  • The internship position must be heavily weighted to meaningful projects or responsibilities in risk management related activities
  • With few exceptions, applicant organization must be a RIMS member or chapter.
  • Internships must last a minimum of eight consecutive weeks, with some allowance for time off.

Selection Criteria
In addition to the minimum eligibility noted above, the internship must focus on sustained involvement in risk management activities including involvement in internal and external meetings.

The committee will also consider evidence of:

  • Excellence in mentoring and guiding of students
  • Breadth of duties and experience
  • External meeting and contact opportunities.
  • Final Report must be submitted two weeks after theinternship is completed